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Let the futility continue...


Now I wouldn’t like to talk about liberty, democracy, authoritarianism, nationalism or any other ideologies, after these horrible days in 2020. It’s not only the pandemic itself that makes me nervous but Chinese society.
The failure of Hongkong protesters has proved when facing state apparatus people are fragile, like when facing the CCP, the promise of the so-called ‘one country two systems’ is also fragile. At the same time, In the China mainland, with the improvement of the real-name network system, which make it much easier to punish someone for his words, barrages of incendiary nationalist news and comments from brainless pinkies under the news have taken over social media such as weixin, weibo, and zhihu. So with bunches of accounts been banned from Chinese social media, a growing number of Chinese opposites have to keep their silence.
The majority of the crowd usually contempt people who show their interest in public issues, and some of them even believe that the censorship is not that serious because if it is, the dissenting voices would disappear just like what happened in the election of the Chinese president. Ironically, the Majority of Chinese (include me) literally would like to pursue a position in government for some privileges.
Part of this contradictory idea comes from the fear and worship of unrestricted power rooted in the depths of Chinese civilization, and partly from the anxiety about the future. Years of high housing prices and ineffective labor security have not only created the world’s richest government but also created a large number of young people who have no direction for the future.
After the urbanization, the countryside means poverty in China. However, under the maladaptive distribution system, it is exponentially more difficult for young people to stay in the cities, and positions such as low-level positions in government departments and PR positions in Internet companies require a degree from an elite university or even a returnee while competing with hundreds of other candidates. Like a courier or delivery worker in such a Social Darwinist China is not respected in any way and it is hard to even have a formal contract.
The Chinese, who could not participate in this cannibalistic feast, stood outside and watched their compatriots, who were made into a meal, beating their chests, regretting that they could not get a share of the meal.
Worse than this reality, the Chinese government is unwilling to address the huge problems with the distribution system, instead of doubling down on nationalism and blaming it on other countries’ oppression of China, and shutting up about the massive surpluses it has earned since joining the World Trade Organization by ignoring the rules.
It’s funny, the Chinese boast that 5,000 years of civilization has produced only the most deceitful and corrupt officials and the most docile and tame citizens.